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Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is slightly different from Ashtanga. It is as dynamic as Ashtanga and is suited for athletic people, men or women, but also for people who are looking for strong sensations in a physical exercise.

It is a tonic and flowing series of postures cadenced by the breath what essentially defines Vinyasa is the synchronization of breath and movement.

In a Vinyasa class, in opposition to Ashtanga, we can freely adapt sequences of movements, which allow us to diversify the series. Switching from one set of moves to another, including Surya Namaskar. As with Ashtanga, the series provides us with strength, flexibility and balance. Activating the body from top to bottom, physical structure and muscular chains are constantly shifting, therefore working on deep dorsal muscles. These postures purify, vivify, magnetize, boost and fortify the joints for a greater steadiness and for rebalancing the whole body.

Vinyasa is a complementary exercise to Ashtanga. Some patterns can be compared to dance or martial arts moves. One property of Vinyasa is to warm up the body faster than in Ashtanga.

In a Vinyasa class we will have the same steps and benefits we have in Ashtanga (postural work, breathing, purification, letting go of physical or emotional tensions, soothing the mind, preparation for meditation via Pranayama, relaxation…)