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Singing Classes

Private singing lessons with a lyrical singer and yoga teacher

(17 years of teaching experience, 30 years of practice)

  • Lyrical vocal technique
  • Customized work depending on the musical style
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels
Prices: 1 class (1h): 50€
4 classes: 160€
A singing lesson is a vocal gymnastics that starts with vocalizations, in order to expand the sound, develop the voice and strengthen the vocal cords. The goal is to discover one’s vocal range in order to decipher appropriate songs.

After this technical preparation, we move on to singing. Working with sheet music, we put the voice in practice, such that it often sets blocked emotions, which can sometimes keep us from moving forward in life, free.

As we progress in singing, more possibilities appear in the choice of a repertoire, from lyrical to more contemporary pieces… The goal is to get acquainted with the music score to then forget it and unleash the voice.
Everybody can learn to sing because everybody creates emotions with his or her voice, everyday. This vocal work is also beneficial for people who have to talk a lot in their job.

Learning to sing is a form of self-control. It is also about learning to develop the voice in the highest parts of the head, or the upper part of the palate, in the "mask”, where the voice resonates. The goal is to make the voice vibrates without forcing or straining the vocal cords. Depending on the time and attention we put in it, this practice can develop the throat chakra, connected to emotions.

This is why singing is therapeutic and helps us find self-confidence. It makes the body resonates with the outside, harmonizing the sounds with the subtle space of the Universe.

As in the practice of yoga, it is way of uniting body and mind, of respecting our body, of being aware to how we serve it… Actually, in every yoga class, and more in workshops, we sing many mantras, seeking to unite all of our voices into one, as in a choir.

Testimonies :
" At first, I thought of taking a few singing lessons with Didier to work on my actress voice. By doing that, I actually discovered my singer’s voice. It was quite a twist in my life since today I am a singer…”
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