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Dozias Didier : Yoga teacher

By teaching yoga, I try to foster the right and pure placement inside the body, to help people free themselves from ignorance and the ego, which are the causes of most sufferings. I try to allow them to find in themselvet srighteousness and truth, and to be in harmony with the Universal Space.

I don’t teach Ashtanga, Vinyasa or Hatha only, but a postural Yoga thata.I adapt to each person’s needs. I try to help people open a path to a new way of breathing, an amplified breathing that brings them to the infinite space of the Universe.It is a matter of initiating movement inside our selves, accepting the Prana's presence and preventing the mind from disturbing our actions. With every exhalation, the accumulated and peaceful breath within the body can spread out around us, linkinge very being to the whole Universe.



Qui suis-je ?

Dozias Didier/Ananda: Yoga within myself is to never stop teaching myself with the vital strength of my actions as with every breath, following the path of discovery, gazing freely into the infinite....



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L’association L'Elément des Arts existe depuis plus de quinze ans, et a pour but de développer le sens profond et spirituel de l’art. L'un de ses objectifs principaux est de transmettre le yoga...

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