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  Dozias Didier/Ananda: discovers yoga very young. Self-taught, he starts learning at the age of 20, reading texts and teachings from spiritual masters like Aïvanhov, Aurobindo and Krishnamurti. He is influenced by different schools, such as Sivananda and Iyengar.

He takes classes at the French Federation of Hatha Yoga (FFHY) before learning the dynamic practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa and has been teaching for more than 10 years now. Amongst others, he was taught by disciples of Pathabi Jois (great Indian teacher, died in 2009, who contributed to the spread of Ashtanga in the West) in Pondichéry.

He got a degree in India (Kerala) and Paris (French Federation of Yoga, FFY) and perfected his skills by going further in the study of Ayurveda (science of life) in the European institute of vedic studies, founded in 1998 by Vaidya Atreya Smith, and got a degree from the institute.

Since the beginning of this human adventure, he has wished to bring yoga to a large number of people, transmitting its true nature through a postural work accessible to beginners as well as athletes. He is driven by the idea that people can improve their organism’s functions - especially through breathing - and soothe their mind to reach an inner peace leading to meditation, step by step.

His vision of yoga has always been inspired and fulfilled with bakhti yoga (devotion yoga), leading to the source of existence, to the beginning of things. His practice is widely influenced by the principle of Ahimsa (non-violence), one of the major concepts in Indian philosophy. It is also one the oldest concepts (prior to Hindouism) orally transmitted and whose essence has always lied in acts of kindnssand caring.

He also became a lyrical singer, studying singing from age 17 to 27. He has been giving private classes since 1994 with the same joy of teaching. He teaches the art of Bel Canto, which he learned with great teachers such as Alfredo Kraus.

To teach, to committo the art of sharing, with all its faith: this is his will. To feel and to make people feel that emotions and vibrations are essential for the inner peace that people long for: "The balance that humans must find with in themselves will allowthem to be in harmony with all natures, living and equal to them. Pure emotions come from willing acts of peacefulness with regard to the universal Self”.

You will find below parts of an essay about yoga: :

"Yoga means to never stop transmitting. Thanks to the vital force of my actions.

Through each action, connected to breath, following the path of discovery. To settle oneself as if in a void, to be guided by the subtle senses, in the still magic of the infinitely free gaze. The gaze finds its source in the self and through eternal paths.

The teaching of Asanas (postures) is also to restore freedom to the mind, fostered within us by means of physicale effort. By will, sweating to become aware of our intimate vibrations. Connecting the air within, uniting body and mind, and forcing them to unite again, to "be” on the path of the Being. To find a new confidence thanks to the time we spend in this regular practice, and to be in the state of meditation thanks to the adjustment of the breath – in the postures and in every moment in life. Making the breath conscious, which leads to Pranayama – the mastering of the breath.Towards the mastering of the self.”