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L’Element des arts
42 avenue Parmentier
75011 PARIS

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L'Elément des Arts

The association « l’Élément des Arts » (Element of the Arts), established over 15 years ago, seeks to promote the profound and spiritual meaning of art.
One of its main goals is to teach Yoga in places where people wouldn’t usually have the opportunity to discover this wonderful practice. Free or 2-euro classes and workshops have been given in squats in Paris, allowing people in disadvantageous situations to discover Yoga.
The association’s motivation has always been to share our experiences with the most people possible. This is why we always look for new places that would welcome anyone who wants to discover our discipline, even if they don’t have the financial means. Your ideas and support are welcome.

The association organizes the renting of rooms for practice, giving workshops or lectures, gatherings for small parties or meals, or simply for singing, sharing, fraternizing and opening ourselves to others.

Membership fee is open. Feel free to give how much you want.